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While many resources are available on the subject of consumer-facing mobile interaction strategies, if you’re looking for insights on how to really leverage mobile within the enterprise–by empowering employees and re-engineering business processes–your options are few and far between.

As transformative as mobile has been, new technologies such as cognitive computing, bots, beacons, IoT, machine learning, Augmented/Virtual Reality further extend the potential of existing mobile solutions. And are all very early in their maturity curve.

That’s why we created the Emerging Technology Council (ETC). We are a community of business and technical leaders in Fortune 1000 companies focused on one objective: driving innovation and business value with mobile and other emerging technologies.

  • Mobile Application Strategy
  • Internet of Things
  • Cognitive Computing
  • Bots
  • Mobile Security
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile Backend as a Service
  • Beacons
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality

Our executive guidance helps members deliver effective, high-impact intelligence and experiences to employees, partners and customers.

Unlike other analyst or industry groups, the ETC has no sales angle or vendor bias. Members benefit from privileged access to insider market intelligence and resources.


Many of today’s top industry leaders already rely on the ETC for top quality mobile research and real-world knowledge sharing.


Research and Analysis

Provides insights on the ever-changing mobile market, new and emerging technologies, and the untapped opportunity in the enterprise:

  • The latest market research for IT and business leaders.
  • Knowledge base to address challenges of building enterprise-class mobile applications and services for both B2C and B2E deployment.
  • Macro trends, use cases, and experiences on mobile in the enterprise.
  • Vision for the future of business services in a mobile, big data and cloud-enabled world.

Our industry, IT, and business leaders offer a hotbed of ideas. Ask questions and receive real-world answers from today’s mobile masters to stay far ahead of the innovation curve:

  • Forum for 1:1 group-level interaction.
  • Vendor-neutral, product-agnostic discussions.
  • Guest speakers and participation by mobile influencers.
Advisory Services

For knowledge, best practices, templates, and frameworks to ensure the successful integration of mobility and emerging technology into your corporate strategy:

  • Tactical advice and guidance to execute mobile projects quickly and effectively.
  • Executive education programs.
  • Templates, tools, and examples for accelerated ramp-up.
  • Customizable advisory sessions.


Propelics and Lopez Research advise the world’s best brands on the use of mobile and other emerging technologies for their employees, partners and customers.
No hidden agenda. No vendor bias. No mobile hype.


Propelics creates digital and mobile strategies and world class apps for the Enterprise. Our goal is to help great companies be successful in the age of mobile. With the proper mobile strategy and applications, businesses large and small can realize tremendous benefits in terms of cost savings and increased revenues. Propelics works with our customers to develop their strategy for mobile technology use, and helps organizations down this path by building apps that redefine how they engage with their customers and employees. At our core, we help our clients simplify their processes, tools, and data to have more productive and elegant communication with their customers, partners, and employees through mobile devices. Visit us at www.propelics.com.

Lopez Research

Lopez Research, founded in 2008, is a market research and strategy consulting firm that analyzes how business leaders are using mobile to transform their companies. Our mission is to understand the evolution of mobility, provide thought leadership, and assist enterprises in building winning market strategies. Our insights into the enterprise market are gained through direct industry involvement and client interaction. We combine survey-based research and predictive analysis to gain insight into coming trends. With a background in emerging business and technology trends, voice and data networking technologies, and vendor and service provider selection, Lopez Research provides clients and readers with the bridge between business leadership and technology adoption. Visit us at www.lopezresearch.com.


Fast-Track to Mobile Success

Mobile technology has already forever altered the way we live and work. But today’s emerging technology provides even more opportunities for value-based innovation, new operating efficiencies and revenue growth. Better yet, this technology is in its earliest stage—immature, volatile, and fast-moving…like catching lightning in a bottle.

That’s why we’re here. To provide access to tech leaders delivering practical, high-impact mobile and emerging tech solutions right now.

Above all, we believe your tech strategy should be actionable, void of vendor hype and bias, and built upon a foundation of insightful market research and learning from the successes and challenges of others.

  • Ask questions from industry peers and mobile/technology experts.
  • Filter through vendor hype and learn what’s really working in emerging tech today.
  • Download templates, tools and other useful documents to help you integrate emerging technologies into your mobile strategy.
  • Participate in group discussions and webinars about important topics in new technology.

The crux of the ETC is its Community. ETC community members gain access to insights not only from Lopez Research and Propelics thought leaders, but also from each other. As an ETC member you’ll receive:

  • Access to the private ETC Community Slack channel. Share and comment on news of the day or pose questions to the community at large on issues you’re struggling with or tools you’re evaluating.
  • Monthly ETC Member Roundtable Call. Dive deep into specific issues affecting enterprise mobility, and emerging technologies like machine learning, bots, wearables and AR/VR,. This 90-minute live web conference often features outside expert industry speakers.
  • Regular ETC Huddles recap important news from the latest industry events.
  • Up-to-date research in our ETC/MRC Newsletters.
ETC Membership Benefits

In addition, you can avail yourselves of additional offerings to advance your mobile strategies outside the base-level ETC membership:

  • Executive Education Workshops–2-day on-site engagements led by Lopez/Propelics executives.
    • Real-Time Experiences
    • Securing the Mobile Enterprise
    • Mobile Testing Trends and Strategy
  • ETC Consulting Pack–for members who want to explore specific topics (10 hour increments)


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