Right-Time Experiences

In the past, technologies used to deliver personalized and contextual services were either unavailable, unaffordable, or reserved solely for the consumer market. But today's wave of computing—mobile, cloud, big data, and analytics—provides the foundation for businesses to create adaptive, personalized applications and services. Delivered point-of-need, these smarter services enable enterprise products and services to meet the burgeoning demand for always-connected, accurate, real-time information.

This two-day workshop will draw on concepts and examples from Maribel Lopez's recent book, "Right-Time Experiences: Driving Revenue with Mobile and Big Data” to educate your business and IT leaders and identify new possibilities for products and services driven by the intersection of mobile, cloud and analytics.

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This workshop discusses trends, provides examples, and offers exercises to help you apply these concepts to your business. Topics include:

Mobile Center of Excellence Checkup

Countless organizations establish mobile as a foundational competency within the organization through a Mobile Center of Excellence. But the mission of each MCOE may vary greatly across companies. Some MCOE’s are setup to create standards across the organization, some are designed to be app factories, while others assume both responsibilities and then some.

Despite its many benefits, determining the effectiveness of your MCOE—and identifying opportunities for improvement—can be a challenge. Is it delivering as much value as it could? Further, as it matures, the goals of your MCOE will likely change, and roles within the MCOE may need to evolve.

Anexinet's Kickstart provides a 360º assessment of your MCOE along with recommendations for improvement.

Securing the Mobile Enterprise

When asked to identify the largest impediment to implementing an Enterprise Mobile Strategy, "Security" always tops the list. In fact, a recent Apperian Executive Enterprise Mobility Report asserts security is more than twice as important as any other challenge.

But if you can’t find the right balance between security and usability you either won’t roll out any apps, or the app experience will be so poor that employees won’t use them. Either way, you’re stuck with a stagnant mobile strategy and little more than email, contacts and calendar.

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This 2-day workshop reviews:

Mobile Testing Strategy Workshop

Development-to-deployment app cycles are accelerating like never before. As a result, both dev and test teams are under increasing pressure to deliver faster, higher quality apps. This pressure is compounded even further by the ever-increasing weight of devices, systems, apps, and test-cases your company must support.

But many Enterprises remain woefully unprepared to test their applications properly. It’s not that these companies don’t understand testing for traditional desktop and web applications. They simply lack the processes, skills, tools, devices or resources necessary to get the job done effectively and efficiently when it comes to testing for mobile.

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Mobile Testing: The Complexity Equation

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Led by enterprise test architects & strategists, this 2-day Workshop covers the following:

ETC Consulting Pack

Sometimes you just need a private consultation to discuss your questions around a technology or challenge, specific to your organization. Now you can ask the experts at Lopez Research and Anexinet.

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